Ing.-Büro Armin Horn
Borngartenstraße 8
D - 35510 Butzbach

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AHSoft solutions fit for practice

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Ing.-Büro Armin Horn
Borngartenstraße 8
D - 35510 Butzbach
USt-ID-Nr.: DE 112229503
Software solutions fit for practice for industry and handicrafts.
For more than 25 years development of CNC milling and engraving systems. AHSoft is today the only active product developer in the branch, which was involved in the creation of the CNC engraving technique. The fundamental milling and engraving processes (e.g. carving, professional scans, projections, relief procedures using CNC etc.), seen today as self-evident, were  developed for the first time in this long exercise. Even facilities such as tool  gauging or 3D tracer, today a matter of course for professional machines, were developed for the first time by AHSoft. Since 1991 Ing.-Büro AHSoft. Development of engraving and milling procedures in particular of software for CNC milling and engraving machines in the 2D  and 3D area.

In this period of time many self-proclaimed "market leaders" and other "professional" providers could be noted. Today, nearly all of them have disappeared. With AHSoft you obtain a sound, competent and reliable partner for the complete CNC milling and engraving technology.

More performance for the best price!
Just compare: AHSoft offers quality software with enormously favourable conditions in all fields of milling and engraving technology.
Innovative programs for the complete 2D and 3D milling/engraving technology. For all tasks, lettering up to 3D CAD/CAM system.  

HCAM is a high-quality, complete and creative software for the efficient solution of 3D milling and gravure tasks. The software covers all areas of 2D and 3D gravure. From simple label up to complex relief design and production of shapes. Milling with 3 and 4 axes. Obtainable in several expansion steps for flat gravure, millings and relief gravure and much more.

ESIGN The milling/engraving program eSIGN is a very convenient CAD/CAM solution for the cost-effective gravure, such as shapes, models, labels, inscriptions, front panels, graphics, metal stamps, reliefs. With engraving fonts, outline fonts, tool management and much more. Obtainable in several equipment variations for simple gravure and milling up to the comprehensive complete program with relief gravure.
Assistance and distribution of the programs:
Millings and engravings, gravure functions 
AHSoft develops high-performance CNC programs for millings, lettering and engravings, milling software and gravure software for the complete 2D and 3D milling/engraving area. The programs offer mature milling solutions and the most comprehensive engraving solutions. The programs cover the complete engraving and milling area within one environment. The engraving programs employ specially optimised engraving fonts (single-line fonts) as well as the fonts StandardFormats TrueType and Type1. In addition, engraving fonts of the firm of LANG and Kuhlmann can be imported and generated, modified and supplemented into high-performance Font Editor fonts. The programs already posses the essential gravure functions incl. serial numbers, serial labels in parallel and serial production and much more, in simple form. Many of the functions you would not find in any alternative solution.
Gravure software, engraving software 
Depending on the expansion level, the programs cover completely the areas  2/2,5D milling, 3D milling, gravure of labels, gravure on surfaces up to relief design and relief milling.
CAD, draw, design 
Already the simple programs, such as eSIGN (l, lg) possess a high-performance CAD with design help, modify the drawing (operations) and edit the graphic/drawing (Edit). A large part of the high-performance editing would not be found by you in any alternative solutions.
CAM, milling path calculation, tool management 
Already the programs of the eSIGN line possess all essential functions for 2D milling production. A tool library and automatic tool correction is also included as is holding webs, approach movements, depth of cut (DOC), and much more.
Photogravure, mill photos
AHSoft offers all processes of photogravure. With the probably highest performance photo program on the market, RasterPhoto pro, you produce flat image gravure in the best quality using all known milling strategies. A complete photo - relief conversion can be found in the relief module (HCAM3D prof, eSIGN Art, eMillRelief).
STL import and STL milling 
AHSoft relief program supports the two most widely spread 3D formats: STL surfaces and DXF 3D face. These two formats guarantee the CAD program.
Relief, relief data, relief software 
AHSoft relief program processes relief data and form data in various formats. With the relief design ReliefVTR in (HCAM3D prof, eSIGN Art) you can generate artistic shapes (reliefs) comfortably with little effort.
Milling models and gravure models
You receive from AHSoft at no costs milling and gravure models, 2D Cliparts, 3D Cliparts, example data with work descriptions etc.
AHSoft Know-How
Use the AHSoft know-How, which has been developed over years, for the solution of  intricate milling tasks such as, for example, flat gravure, gravure on surfaces, production of prototypes, CNC milling, milling of 3D objects, shapes and model construction, CNC engraving, relief gravure, relief milling in 2D and 3D in metals, plastics, wood and much more.
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