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Engraving fonts.

Our programs have a large number of specially developed engraving fonts. As opposed to outline fonts (TrueType, Type1, etc.) obtainable in large quantities, engraving fonts are specially developed for recessed gravure. They are either single line for the economic and rapid gravure or multi-lined (2, 3, 4 track etc.). Multi-line fonts are required for both large versal heights (large symbol height) and also for better representation of fonts with variable stroke width.
The production of engraving fonts is very costly in time and these can be used only for a limited circle of clients. Nevertheless we offer our font package at an extremely favourable price. The fonts developed for our milling and engraving programmes can be used only together with our programs. A conversion into standard formats is for technical reasons  not possible.
On the market you can obtain individual fonts with the designation  'Single line', 'Engraving font' or similar in TrueType format. These are, in reality, no single-track fonts as TrueType allows only closed contours.

Left, a normal outline font, the symbol is circumscribed. This font has been created for printing applications and is unsuitable for engraving tasks. Right, a specially developed single line font  for engraving tasks. Windows TrueType fonts format can save Outline only.
Below, the font image after milling with a fine tool. Only Outline fonts with very small contour separations result in a more or less usable font image. The outlay for milling, however, lies at almost double the time requirement.

Standard engraving fonts

These are included in HCAM and from eSIGN (lg).


Engraving fonts in the font supplementary package

These are contained in the HCAM program and can be drawn into the programs from eSIGN (lg) as supplement.


Font supplementary package for eSIGN2D

Increase the effectiveness of the eSIGN program by a further 235 engraving and milling fonts. Of these 41 fonts for recessed gravure.

To enlarge click on the graphic.
Along with the engraving fonts, the programs also contain Outline fonts. In the standard font package (with all engraving programs) there are 20 Outline fonts, in the font supplementary package there are contained a further 194 fonts. In addition, TrueType, Type1, Kuhlmann and LANG ZEI fonts can be used in all programs with font editor .